Hi-Tech Industrial Estate is one of the projects under Thai Industrial Estate Corp., Ltd. The company was established on January 11, 1986 with the main purpose of developing an industrial estate in Ayutthaya catering to high technology but less polluted industries. The company also strongly believes that sustainable development is the most crucial factor to the project on the whole.
    Major shareholders of the company are:
Mr. Thavich Taychanavakul, established Royal Group of Companies in 1980's the founder of Hi-Tech Industrial Estate project and also a Managing Director.
  Mr. Prachai Leophairatana, a prominent Thai Businessman, is a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Thai Petrochemical Industry Public Co., Ltd. (TPI) the leading petrochemical company in Asia.
  Jurong Town Corporation (Singapore) is one of the leading companies in South East Asia for the successful development of the Jurong Industrial land and other industrial facilities for the past 30 years.
Hi-Tech Industrial Estate is one the earlier developed industrial estate in Thailand. Throughout the past eight years, Hi-Tech Industrial Estate has earned its reputation for developing well planned and the most completed industrial estate in Thailand. The company's primary philosophy is to develop industrial estate based on the following objectives:
Sustainable development and the most environmental friendly project.
  Prime location in Northern Bangkok, providing proximity to airport, seaports and Bangkok Metropolitan area, with access to utilities and substantial labor pool
  Fully developed infrastructures and facilities
  Export Processing Zone (EPZ++) to support the country's export.
  Technical Training Center.
  Complete after-sales servicing including the best logistic center.
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