Situated at kilometer 59 on the Asian Highway in Ayutthaya province, the Hi-Tech Industrial Estate's superb locations means convenient communications to Bangkok and other provinces.
By road: The estate is only 60 kilometers from the Bangkok Port. The Deep Sea Port in Chonburi province on the eastern coast is to be connected to the estate by the Wang Noi-Bang Plee Highway, bypassing Bangkok. And not far from the estate, there is an entry to the outer Ring Road - another fast route into Bangkok and the southern provinces.
  By air: It is only 36 kilometers to Bangkok's Don Muang International Airport.
  By ship: The estate is on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, and goods can be ferried to the Bangkok Port or to the Deep Sea Port.
  By rail: A new track is to be built joining the estate with the nearby Bang Pa-in railway station, goods and commuters to and from the estate can then be transported by the existing train service which links Bangkok, Ayutthaya and other nearby province.


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